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Ba©h to Bach: The Open Well-Tempered Clavier

on Thu, 09/19/2013 - 17:22

UPDATE: The release of Kimiko Ishizaka's Well-Tempered Clavier will be available on the new Well-Tempered Clavier website starting in March, 2015.

After two years of preparation, including two world tours, Kimiko Ishizaka and the Open Goldberg team are now ready to announce the next project to create public domain, open source music! We are happy to present the "Open Well-Tempered Clavier: Ba©h to Bach"

We've taken the recipe that made the Open Goldberg Variations great, and expanded it to include some new partners. Anne-Marie Sylvestre will once again join Kimiko in the Teldex Studios, and Bösendorfer will be providing their best instrument for the recording. MuseScore, with the help of Olivier Miquel, will be typesetting the score, and GRIN Verlag will be publishing it. Dave Rees of (see the video above) will be creating learning videos about the pieces. An'a Osipanova and her camera crew will be filming the project and creating a documentary. 

Finally, I am happy to annouce that we have found a very fine record label to produce and distribute the physical CD version of the recording (the digital downloads will be available for free online, just as before). PARMA Recordings will issue the Open Well-Tempered Clavier on their Navona label, with worldwide distribution. 

Support us in our efforts to "Liberate the 48" pieces in Book 1 of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. Back us on Kickstarter, and tell your friends about it on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you!