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Complete series of fractal landscapes for Open Goldberg Variations finished

on Sun, 07/29/2012 - 11:33

Landscape Windscreen has finished creating a series of fractal landscape videos set to the music of the Open Goldberg Variations. Here's how they were produced:

The fractal movies were made by me with Fractal eXtreme which is simple to use and incredibly fast. The shortest one was made within hours, the longest took about 55+ hours to render and contains about 25'000 single frames. There were drawbacks (such as when I ran out of memory after a 2-day render and had to start again ), but I had fun exploring and making these movies and pay honor to the efforts of the Open Goldberg Project. And to Bach of course for Bach is eternal.

The ideal setting to watch this playlist would be on one of these monster 73 inch plasma TV sets with HDTV (the movies are all in HD quality) and a sixpack of lager or a good bottle of red wine. But as long as you are having fun and like what you see it doesn't really matter if you watch the clips on a small notebook or a monster TV set.