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Welcome Anne-Marie Sylvestre, Executive Producer for the recording

on Sat, 05/28/2011 - 22:16

The Open Goldberg Variations Project just got an enormous boost! Anne-Marie Sylvestre, a seasoned record producer, pianist, and Bach fan, wrote us with this message:

This is a great idea - many people will benefit of that initiative, and I hope it will lead to other recordings of the same kind. This music is universal and has to be shared. If ever you need a producer for this recording, I've got the experience for that, and I'd be happy to do it for free.

She believes in the project so much that she's volunteering her time. This, in addition to the recent sponsorship from Bösendorfer in the form of an 290 Imperial CEUS grand piano, will help us make an amazing recording of the Goldberg Variations with Kimiko Ishizaka on the piano.

Thank you, Anne-Marie Sylvestre, and all other supporters of the Open Goldberg Variations.