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Teldex Studio, Berlin

on Sun, 10/02/2011 - 10:28

We can't thank our backers enough; because we exceeded our funding goal, and because Anne-Marie Sylvestre is volunteering her time, we are able to go with the luxury option for the recording studio. We've just signed a contract with the Teldex studio in Berlin, one of the most famous classical recording studios in the world.

When you make it to its large, white recording space, through 5000 m2 of private garden in a green park in Berlin, you can start to appreciate why Teldex is the most prestigious classical recording studio of Germany, the country with the largest classical musical heritage in the world.

For many decades the present Teldex Studio Berlin was the home of recording teams from Telefunken and later from Teldec Classics. The studio was also the venue for hundreds of legendary recordings, from classic to pop, as well as the place where revolutionary technical developments, like DMM and DVD-Audio, were accomplished.

Now we've got a world class pianist, a master Executive Producer, the finest piano available, and the best studio in Germany. It's time to rock 'n roll, Bach style! The recording dates are in January, meaning we'll hit our goal of mailing CDs by early Spring, 2012.

If you want to listen to a superb recording that was made in the same studio, I recommend this CD of Schubert 4-hand works, played by Radu Lupu and Daniel Barenboim.